Technical tours

Friday 7 July
Technical tours

Novatech's partners propose you these technical tours to close this 11th conference.

4 visits are organized in Lyon metropolis on Friday July 7th, in the morning.
And to end on a high note, we invite you to visit the exhibition Nous, les Fleuves ("We, the Rivers") at the Musée des Confluences in Lyon after lunch.

Hydraulic planning and landscape design in Lyon

Technical tour by bike, organized by Lyon Metropolis
Lyon Metropolis proposes a field trip by bicycle to discover some of the solutions for urban water management in the 7th, 3rd and 6th districts of Lyon through the new green cycling paths. 

This new 3h-tour was designed to be cross-cutting in the context of the Metropole of Lyon's Sponge City training for its agents.

The Metropole de Lyon team will present a range of solutions regularly implemented on the territory: swales, infiltration trenches, Stockholm trenches, multifunctional infiltration spaces, underground basins, rain trees, etc. and will discuss with you the difficulties and keys to success of their projects.

- From 8h45 at Station Mue (155 Cr Charlemagne, 69002 Lyon) - Access: tramway T1, stop: Musée des Confluences or Hôtel de région Montrochet
- Bring with you: a water bottle, sunscream, suitable shoes
- Duration: 3h (approximately 12 km)
- Back to Station Mue for lunch (included)

Integrated stormwater management, a vector of landscape quality of the city

Technical tour by bus, organized by the DDT of the Rhône department and the CAUE Rhône Métropole as part of the Landscape and Living Environment Network 69
How can integrated stormwater management be used as a lever to develop urban and landscape qualities of the existing city? How does it contribute to meeting the challenges of the living environment, climate adaptation, biodiversity or active mobility? 

To answer these questions, we will conduct visits in two major urban renewal operations in Lyon’s Metropole, presented by the project stakeholders:

  • Grand Parilly district in Vénissieux : this new multifunctional activity area, with extensive vegetation, is structured around a major landscaped area, the Sillon planté. This plant framework gives prouf of place to soft mobility and stormwater collection.

  • ZAC La Clairière: on the 5.5 ha of the former Raby barracks, this future residential and office district offers various stormwater management structures (on-going and completed constructions), responding to the "zero discharge" objective to the underground stormwater system. This “blue” frame is coupled with a strong green frame that follow public and private spaces.

- From 8h45 at ISARA (23 rue Jean Baldassini, 69007 Lyon) - Accès tramway T1, arrêt Debourg ou métro B, arrêt Debourg
- Bring with you: a water bottle, a hat, suitable shoes
- Duration: 3h (bus ride and walking tours)
- Back to Station Mue for lunch (included)

Photo©Karolina Samborska/In situ

Soft mobility and water mirror: Lyon and its reflections by bike

Technical tour by bike, organized by the Urban Planning Agency of Lyon
Through a bike ride, the Lyon Urban Planning Agency invites you to discover the city through its rivers and the development of water.

Lyon is a river metropolis that was built on and around the Rhône and the Saône. As such, the Confluence is a unique site that presents many challenges for urban projects. After a period when the car dominated the development of the riverbanks, the reclamation of the rivers is renewing the direct conviviality between man and water.

Today, the riverbanks are asserting themselves as an urban, social and natural space. First urban, because it is a major axis for soft and carbon-free mobility. Social, because it allows an important renewal by offering places of conviviality and meetings. Ecological, finally, with a high plant density to create an urban turquoise framework. Today, water contributes to the quality of life of the inhabitants, as it supports multiple uses. It is through 7 key places that you will be able to discover this wealth.

- From 8h45 at Station Mue (155 Cr Charlemagne, 69002 Lyon) - Access: tramway T1, stop: Musée des Confluences or Hôtel de région Montrochet
- Bring with you: a water bottle, sunscream, suitable shoes
- Duration: 3h (approximately 23 km)
- Back to Station Mue for lunch (included)

Improving well-being in the city through source management: not always easy but it is possible!

Walking tour organized by VAD, ADIVET and OTHU
How can we meet the health challenges associated with heat waves, heavy rainfall, air pollution or biodiveristy reduction while ensuring multiple uses?

The non-profit organization VAD (Ville et Aménagement Durable ; "Sustainable urban planning"), ADIVET (actors of roof and facade vegetation) and the OTHU (Observatoire de Terrain en Hydrologie Urbaine) offers you a stroll in Villeurbanne to discover two sites.

The redevelopment of the "terrain des sœurs" district in Villeurbanne corresponds to a desire to develop a frugal district without stormwater discharge. The early childhood center represents the intersection of several environmental issues (energy efficiency, thermal comfort, air and water quality, biodiversity) with the specific uses of a playful and pleasant place. This is how a vast green roof accessible to children was conceived.

Next door, the Lyon Tech la Doua ecocampus is undergoing a wave of expansion with a policy of disconnection in favor of stormwater source control management. The campus also serves as an open-air laboratory dedicated to sustainable development, with a particular focus on stormwater management and biodiversity.

The two sites illustrate the ambitions of a responsible and resilient city, but whose objectives are sometimes difficult to achieve. They put into perspective the challenges and difficulties of making the city differently.

- Departure at 9h from Pôle Petite Enfance Helen Keller (14 Rue Françoise Giroud, 69100 Villeurbanne) - Access: tramway T1, stop: Croix-Luizet or bus C17, stop: Buers Salengro
- Bring with you: a water bottle, sunscream, suitable shoes
- Duration: 3h (approximately 2 km)
- Lunch (included) at the Graie (66 boulevard Niels Bohr)

Exhibition "We, the Rivers"

Guided tour offered by the Graie at the Confluences Museum
Travel along the water, from the drop to the sea.

We, the Rivers, shape the landscapes and fertilize the land. Essential sources of life, we are the cradle of great civilizations and most of humanity depends on our waters.

The exhibition invites you to follow the course of an imaginary river. As the water flows, you will discover the mystery of the sources, the colors of the confluences, the strength of the waves and finally the ecological and geopolitical stakes of the estuaries and deltas.

In the heart of an immersive scenography, dugout, aquatic animals, mythological characters, works of art and documentary films plunge you into the kingdom of river waters.

We offer you a 1h30 guided tour, organized for you!

- Departure at 2pm from Musée des Confluences (Quai Perrache, Lyon) - Access tramway T1, stop: Musée des Confluences
- Duration: approximately 1h30