Call for abstracts

From October, 11 to December 23, 2022
Call for abstracts
The call for abstracts is over!
The call for abstracts for the 11th edition of Novatech was from October 11th to December 23rd, 2022

How to submit an abstract?

1.  Consult the themes and approaches sought

2. Consult the instructions and download the template provided for the layout of your abstract (in the Toolbox)

3.  Fill in the form accessible by clicking on "Submit an abstract".

4.  Once your form has been validated, you will receive a confirmation email indicating that your abstract has been registered.


Instructions and templates

Discover the selection process

Expected abstracts

Abstracts on the main themes of stormwater management and according to the 4 proposed approaches.

Scientific and/or technical abstracts

Presentation of methods or research results, linked to operational needs, based on bibliographical analysis, laboratory tests, modelling or in situ monitoring; innovative technical achievements, monitored and put into perspective; operations that have worked for several years, comparisons between different strategies, scales or structures; reflections on governance and the keys to change.


Presentation of development operations, urban renewal and architectural projects; presentation of public policies, local planning and animation and mobilisation of inhabitants, strategies of waterwise territories (agglomeration or watershed). These demonstrative experiences will highlight the different issues and the place of stormwater and co-benefits, by integrating several dimensions (technical, economic, financial, historical, regulatory, social, etc.).


Thierry Maytraud Trophies

➡️ Apply to the Thierry Maytraud Trophies!

The Trophies aim to recognize outstanding projects and public policies integrating surban water management. The Trophies celebrate the pivotal role of develoment and urban planning professionals in urban water management.

The Trophies are awarded in 3 categories:
1. Urban Renewal
2. Urban planning and strategies
3. Citizen participation and ownership

Answer the call for abstracts and tick in the form that you wish to apply to the Thierry Maytraud Trophies.

Research project carriers

➡️ Present your starting research project!

Researchers who have recently started a new research project are invited to submit an abstract about their research project in a poster format, even if it is only the beginning!

Take advantage of Novatech to exchange with the experts and scientists present on your subject.

Answer the call for abstracts and tick in the form that you have a research project that is starting.

Training, pedagogy, teaching

➡️ Share your teaching approaches and materials!

The evolution of practices for integrated water management in the city requires initial and continuing training, in a multidisciplinary and inter-professional approach.
This year, we wish to gather feedback and reflections in a session dedicated to training.

Do you wish to share pedagogical approaches and support, particularly integrated in inter-professional approaches (urban hydrology, civil engineering, urban planning, architecture, landscape, law, etc.)?

Answer the call for abstracts and select in the form the approach "Training, pedagogy, teaching".
In 2023, the Trophies have been renamed to pay tribute to Thierry Maytraud, urban planner and hydrologist, founder of ATM and partner of Novatech since its creation, who left us suddenly in June 2022.