Novatech 2023 general planning

Novatech 2023 general planning
The conferences will take place over three days: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
They are preceded by a day of workshops on Monday 3 July and technical visits on Friday 7 July. A reception for participants will be organised on Monday evening.
The oral presentations are divided into 4 sessions of 1h30 to 2h which take place in parallel in different rooms.

Conference schedule

  • Prestigious keynote speakers are invited to speak at the opening plenary conference on Tuesday morning.
  • The novatech committees, with the support of the reviewers, select from the 280 papers received, the 140 papers presented during the oral sessions (with simultaneous French-English translation) and the 80 papers presented during the poster sessions (2.5 hours each day around 25 to 30 posters, allowing the participants and authors to freely discuss their work).
  • 3 focuses are proposed: a conference room on the planning and social aspects of projects and strategies, a session on pedagogy to participate in the evolution of practices in the different professions concerned, and poster sessions on projects that are starting up for stimulating and prospective exchanges.
  • Workshops and seminars will be proposed on Monday 3 July and technical tours on Friday.

Convivial moments

  • A welcoming cocktail is organised on Monday evening to bring you together
  • A Wine & Cheese tasting around the posters is proposed on Tuesday evening
  • The gala evening is organised on Wednesday evening
  • A moment of conviviality, before leaving us, will take place on Thursday evening, during which we will give the poster awards.

Accompanying persons are invited to join us for these special moments.

Specificities of the conference

  • Each session is timed to allow you to move freely between the rooms and attend the presentations you wish, at the scheduled time.
  • The Novatech conference offers simultaneous French-English translation during the oral sessions and visits.
  • The abstracts of each paper will be available at the opening of the registration and the full papers will be available online at the beginning of the conference.
  • Thematic programmes will be proposed to you.
  • A mobile app will allow you to build your own programme and receive notifications when you want to.

Papers breakdown

papers received
oral presentations
Conference focusing on nature-based solutions: their deployment, management and effectiveness.

- ¼ papers on governance, strategy, planning and perception

- ¾ on more technical and functional aspects: from rainfall to the impact on receiving environments, through the operation of structures or wastewater systems - the results of more or less long-term monitoring, modelling and experimentation:
  • ¼ on the characterisation and processes: sediments, macro- and micro-pollutants, roles of soil, vegetation, evapotranspiration,
  • ¼ on the structures: hydrological and depollution performances, maintenance and patrimonial management
  • ¼ on the global vision of climate, watershed and stormwater management system