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How to submit a paper in less than one minute (French video)

➡️ Instructions

In order to meet the selection criteria, your communication must:

Your abstract may be written in French or English. It will be published online (unless instructed otherwise in your form). 

The first page should include a summary in both languages. We ask for abstracts from 2 to 4 pages (to ease the reviewing process and give you the opportunity for scholarly publication elsewhere). 
Please format your abstract according to the downloadable template below.

Depending on the selection process, you will be offered the option of presenting your paper as an oral presentation or as a poster. You can specify if you only want a poster presentation.


How to submit an abstract
  1. Download the paper submission template above (in "Templates") and complete it according to the indicated styles 
  2. If several authors have contributed to your proposal, download and complete the co-author excel file above (in "Templates")
  3. Go to the homepage (Novatech 2023 > Homepage) or to the Call for abstracts page and click on the button "Submit and abstract".
  4. A form will open. Fill in your contact information and click on "Add a communication" under the title "My communications".
  5. Fill in all the information about your communication without forgetting to attach the co-authors file (if concerned) and the full abtract (2 to 4 pages maximum)
  6. If you wish to, add one or several other abstracts
  7. You will be able to modify every information until the end of the call for abstracts via your personal space
Modify an abstract
  1. Go to your profile (top right of the screen; if it does not appear, click on "Sign in")
  2. In the "Submit or modify an asbtract" tab, click on the "Consult" button
  3. You can modify all the information added in the category "My communications"
  4. Click on the button "Choose a file" below "Full abstract" to upload your updated abstract
  5. Select your file and click on "Next" at the bottom of the page to validate the modifications.
Add an abstract
  1. Go to your profile (top right of the screen; if it does not appear, click on "Sign in")
  2. In the "Submit or modify an abstract" tab, click on the "Consult" button
  3. Get to the bottom of "My communications" part et click on "Add an abstract". A new form will appear to submit another paper.
ATTENTION: do not create 2 accounts. One account allows you to submit as much abstracts as you want.