Why submit an abstract?

Why submit an abstract?

Novatech brings together high-level professionals from various fields.

Scientists, decision-makers, managers and technicians, both French and international, exhibit and learn about the latest research, innovations and development prospects at Novatech; they share their technical and strategic experiences.

Contribute to improving our urban water management practices

By participating in the 11th Novatech conference, you are contributing to the development of knowledge and practices for a more integrated and sustainable management of urban stormwater. The conference is built around your research, your achievements and your feedback.

Make the most of your expertise

Novatech brings together high-level professionals from various fields. The diversity of the intervention formats offers you many opportunities to present the fruit of your work and to reach an audience specialised in the theme of urban stormwater. Novatech also commits to promote your papers after the conference in the proceedings and on its website.

The opportunity to exchange and meet the scientists and professionals in urban stormwater management

Novatech encourages collaborations between scientists and technicians on a European and international scale in order to help decision-making and improve management practices. By hosting scientists and stormwater technicians, and by implementing simultaneous French-English translation in all sessions and during technical visits, Novatech promotes knowledge transfer and exchanges between stakeholders. A unique opportunity to make new contacts and create a network of interest. Since its inception, Novatech has built a reputation for creating a community of international urban water professionals.