Major themes & approaches

Major themes & approaches
From the development of a new neighbourhood to the management of flood risks across a catchment, from the contribution of scientific results to the application of innovative solutions, from the perception of stormwater by the inhabitants to the new challenges of governance, the Novatech 2023 conference is organised around four major themes, which can be addressed through four transversal approaches.

Major themes

and some examples of expected abstracts

Stormwater & technical solutions

Generalization of nature-based solutions, low-tech / soft-tech, design, effectiveness of source control and co-benefits (biodiversity, climate...)

Stormwater & urban planning

Public and large-scale development (industrial, commercial and housing), new urban forms, integration of water in the urban landscape, resilient and waterwise cities...

Stormwater & Impacts

Water pollution and quality (monitoring of rainwater and urban discharges), impacts on waterways, impact of climate change...

Stormwater & Society

Involvement of stakeholders, adaptation of organisations, regulatory issues, consideration of climate change, brakes and levers...


We’ve identified 4 broad approaches that are applied to these themes, as follows:

Strategy, planning and governance

Decision tools, data acquisition and management, modeling, artificial intelligence

BMPs (design, construction, performance)

Training, pedagogy, teaching